Monday, June 14, 2010

Grapefruit Anyone

We still haven't gotten the full story on what happened to Colby's head at the neighbors house other than he hit it on something and the neighbors still invite him over.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Redneck weekend

We spent the weekend up at Brad and Rachel's "Ranch", which was everything a redneck would enjoy on a regular weekend. One of the highlights was shooting off the back porch...Nothing can make a husband prouder - Loralee with the 9mm and Rachel with the 45

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

This is Colby's parade at John Knox Pre-School.

Mazzy had to dress up too. She is a sassy leopard/cat/whatever.

Hailey, Mazzy and Colby at John Knox.

This is Gavin-wizard, Julia-Hannah Montanna, and Chase-Bobo Fet..

Mrs. Dulle's Class

Mazzy's 2nd Birthday!

I love the early years when kids are just so excited to have balloons and hear anyone say or sing Happy Birthday!

Mazzy got to go to Build a Bear on her B-day and she got a Beautiful Pink Unicorn that is her new best friend.

October 27,2009 Pumpkin Patch with Gavin's Class

Mrs. Dulle's 1st Grade Class

I have never heard of anyone playing a BATH TUB, but if anyone can it is Mrs. Dulle.

Gavin and his lady Julia at the Hoe Down.

This was the windiest day ever for Northern California. I have never seen such weather. This Tumble weed was a result from the crazy weather. Kinda Cool!

Not only was the outing to get pumpkins but the kids got to pick Heirloom Tomatoes, Pomegranates and have a Hoe Down.
This is Gavin searching for teeny tiny tomatoes.

One big Pomegranate.

Keep in mind it is a very cold day but these images were too great to pass up. Gavin and his ladies.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lake Tahoe!

We were lucky to spend October 16-19 in Tahoe with Glen and Merrily and The Ladd and Jen Family. We hiked, fished, visited the local parks and just hung out.
This is Mazzy teasing Gavin with her treasured flower she found walking around.

Mazzy has flower power.

Glen and Merrily

The kids had fun taking turns rowing on this abandoned row boat.

I was just gonna let Troy take the kids but Mazzy wouldn't have that.

Gavin had been dying to try fishing on the Truckee.

A favorite activity was throwing rocks in Lake Tahoe. It is amazing how long that was fun for Troy, Poppy and the Kids.

Gavin and Soccer

This was Gavin's first year of soccer and he LOVED it! He loved to run, kick and give lots of FEEDBACK to his team mates and Coach. It was a lot of fun!